Read the Book, Leave a Review

Reviews are vital to author improvement. They tell us where our weaknesses lie and help us connect with our audiences. Whether you enjoyed a novel or hated it reviews are valuable feedback, so don’t hold back.

Don’t feel comfortable leaving a negative review? Don’t worry about it, we’re used to criticism its part of the process. No book is written without criticism. Throughout the writing process we authors get torn to shreds by our editors, who critique everything from plot to pacing to character development to punctuation to… You get the picture.

Even if you didn’t finish the book your feedback is invaluable. Seriously, what author wouldn’t want to know why a reader lost interest before the thrilling conclusion to their novel? So lend a hand and tell us how we’ve done.

While you can leave a review wherever you like, I’d strongly encourage you to make use of, or both. Visibility is important and those two sites are far and away the most visited.

Oh and if you’re wondering what it is I’m going on about, here’s a link to my novel, Beyond the Fearsome Mist.

Till next time cheers and happy holidays!

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